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Over half of Americans battle chronic diseases. One in four suffer from multiple chronic conditions that last a year or longer and disrupt daily life. These chronic conditions are driving up health care costs and increasing demand on our health care system; they account for over 80% of hospital admissions, 90% of filled prescriptions, and 75% of physician visits.

By 2030, the global economy is projected to lose $47 trillion due to the social and psychological burdens of chronic, non-communicable conditions like heart and respiratory disease, cancer, obesity, and diabetes. The good news? These diseases and conditions are preventable, treatable, and can be delayed or alleviated through simple lifestyle changes.

Changing habits is difficult, and you are likely to face challenges you don’t expect, setbacks, and moments of low motivation. Making big changes can be very overwhelming too. Enter the certified holistic health coach. Health coaches are trained professionals who can help you set health goals and guide you through achieving them. They are able to identify what is holding you back and help you explore what changes will bring you success. They provide mentorship and guidance that makes you more likely to achieve your goals and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Let me share a story that was shared with me recently that illustrates the need for collaboration. 'A women went on her routine doctor visit, she shared she hasn't been feeling like herself. The doctor, after the completion of her exam, told her that she was borderline obese and needed to get it together.' That was it and no other insight or how to make changes was offered. No referral, no offering of any other information. This sent this person on a downward spiral of sadness and despair.

Santa Barbara Health Coach

Imagine if this Doctor had resources to offer this patient? Imagine if that patient could have left the office feeling empowered and ready to make a change and had a name of someone recommended to help guide her in those changes. This is why collaboration with Health Coaches, can be a game changer for patient compliance and outcomes. Health coaches can act as bridge to help your client reach their health goals. They offer accountability, guidance and most importantly the tools to help allow the client to be successful.

Whether you are a General Physician, a Psychotherapist, A Chiropractor, Massage Therapist ect., we all have clients stuck in lifestyle routines that only lead them to despair. Ideally they would work with a Holistic Health Coach individually, but some people just are not ready for that type of commitment.

The story we shared above is one of the many stories we have heard recently and it is the reason we created our Reboot: 21 Days To Transformation program. This simple to follow, six-module program is the perfect adjunct to suggest to your client(s).

Your clients will learn about what Whole Nutrient Dense Foods are and how to cook with them and how they will flood their body with life giving nutrients. They learn about every day stresses and how it impacts their body, mind and spirit. We review the importance of exercise, everyday toxins and tips to lower their toxic burden. We talk about gut health, sleep quality and more.

Your client(s) will be empowered and ready for Transformation after this 21 Days. We know through lifestyle changes, including diet that the patient(s) outcome is higher. If you would like further information on our Reboot program and would like to discuss collaboration, please reach out to us! Likewise, we are always looking for great resources for our clients, so please share with us your expertise.

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