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The topic of sleep is near and dear to my heart. I considered myself at one point in my life to be an amazing sleeper. I enjoyed sleeping, I loved my dreams and slept soundly for 8-9 hours every night, until I had my second child.

In my sleep deprived mind, I begin to wonder what unicorns and sleep had in common? Like the mythical unicorn - does quality sleep really exist or is it a myth?

Santa Barbara Sleep Coach

Yes, I know what everyone is thinking, as I was told this by the 20 plus doctors I sought out for help. Everyone said, 'you are a parent and you will never sleep the same again, or you need to just adjust to sleeping less'. While, there is truth that our sleep may be different after we become a parent, by no means should you have to endure extreme disruption of sleep and severe insomnia when your children are sleeping through the night. My journey to prove quality sleep does exists lasted five years.

Sleep deprivation is linked to many health conditions such as, a higher risk for obesity, high cholesterol, depression, hypertension, high blood sugar and other metabolic disorders. If you are already struggling with health challenges and you are not getting restorative sleep, then overcoming those challenges will be near to impossible. It is during our sleep, that our body and mind repairs itself. The good news is, unlike the fantasy world of the great mythical unicorn - quality sleep does exist. Read Study.


Santa Barbara Nutrition

Root Causes For Sleep Challenges

I saw practically every doctor you could image to help me get back to sleeping. While some really did dig in a try to help resolve the issue, others were extremely dismissive.

I had almost every test and treatment conducted in the standard medical world and spent thousands upon thousands of dollars trying to help myself. And worse, I was prescribed things that made me feel even worse.

I was eating right, I had great sleep hygiene, major medical issues were ruled out, but something was missing.  

It wasn't until I became a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, that I was able to dive in and begin some real detective work. 

Through testing I discovered, I had hidden gut infections, severe circadian rhythm dysregulation, hormonal imbalances, adrenal challenges and genetic variances that play a role in quality of sleep.

Sleep is an innate ability that the body needs. Poor quality sleep is a symptom to an imbalance. It is your body's way of telling you that something is off. I can personally attest that quality sleep does exist and I can help you find it as well!

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Work With Me

Diving in and doing serious detective work is what I do best. During our time together, I listen, assess and we come up with a plan to address your biggest concerns. We utilize functional testing to hone in and target your most challenging areas and then we develop a personalized approach to address these imbalances. We offer many different types of packages to meet your needs. Review Packages.

Functional Testing

Test, Don't Guess is my philosophy. Depending on your presenting challenges and symptoms, we will choose 2-3 test. The results of these tests and a detailed intake are what provide us a road map and help you get back on track. Some of the tests we may consider are: Hormonal Profile, Circadian Rhythm with melatonin, GI Stool Testing and Food Sensitivity.


Sleep Hygiene

First step in any sleep protocol is sleep hygiene. Sleep hygiene is defined as behaviors that one can do to help promote good sleep using behavioral interventions.

1. Maintain a regular sleep routine. Ideally be in bed asleep by 10pm.

2. Avoiding stimulants such as caffeine in the later half of your day. Avoid recreational drugs and alcohol.

3. Set an electronic curfew. Ideally off no later than 8pm, otherwise you are disrupting the normal circadian rhythm and melatonin production. If you must work late, use blue blockers. Have all Wifi turned off in room.

4. Keep room, cool, dark and quiet. Use white noise if needed. Hide Clock.

5. If you urinate a lot at night, limited liquid intake several hours prior to sleep.

6. Day time exercise has been shown to help improve nighttime sleep.

7. Get early morning sunlight. This also helps to reset your circadian rhythm.

Sleep Support, Circadian Rhythm Support, Insomnia Support

Moon Milk

We have all heard the folk remedy of a warm glass of milk before bed to make you feel and sleep better. It is still common in traditional cultures to have a warm milk at night and often recommended in Ayurveda.

Spice up your Moon Milk with a few of our favorite blends to help ease anxiety, lower inflammation, improve mood and ensure you get the zzz's you need.

Preview our blog on helpful Moon Milk Recipes to help you sleep. Click Here.


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Good Nite and Sleep Tight!


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