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We are a big proponent of collaboration, when it comes to health care. Our health, be it mental, physical or spiritual, is complex and all components of a person is what creates health.


I recognized this when I worked in my training programs as a Psychotherapist. Many of my clients needed to work closely with their Physicians and Therapist in order to address there mental health needs in regards to medication, but what I noticed was missing was the nutritional component. These clients desperately needed nutritional support and education around how to bring balance back to their body and ultimately their mental state.


We have some great medical professionals, however, our medical doctors are in a challenging position in this day and age, as they are limited in the time they can spend with each patient. Having time to implement nutritional support is also a challenge for therapist and other health professionals.


Aa a Functional Nutritional Therapist, I can bring a holistic approach to your practice. Clients can take the next step in bringing balance back to their body and mind as we uncover and address hidden stresses and nutritional deficiencies. 


If you are a Physician, Chiropractor, Acupuncturist, Therapist or Body Worker and you have a client(s) who need additional support along their journey, please reach out via our contact page. We are happy to talk with you and see if our approach is something that can help support your client and your practice.

-Brandy Zender

Santa Barabara Health Coach

I have a Masters in Clinical Psychology and have worked in rehabilitation centers where the focus has been on helping those recover from drug and alcohol abuse. During my time working with clients, we discovered many co-occurring mental imbalances and eating disorders.


All clients were greatly nutritionally deprived, thus often self-medicating with drugs, alcohol and food to try and help balance their neurochemistry. In my time spent working in this community, I came to recognize that many became stuck in their healing journey because of underlying health imbalances. 


My goal is to be a bridge for people, other practitioners and therapists who find their clients, or themselves needing a bit more support to help in their healing transition.

Education: Masters in Clinical Psychology, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition-Practitioner,

Master Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach

Certificates in: Autoimmune Health, Natural Health, Diabetic Health, Digestive Health, Hormone Health, Holistic Cancer and Aromatherapy

Extensive Studies in: Mineral/Metals Hair & Tissue, Nutrigenomics, Neuro-Nutrient Therapy and Functional Immunology.

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