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About Me

I am clinically trained in psychotherapy and am a practicing Functional Nutritionist. Many wonder why I transitioned from working as a psychotherapist to nutritional therapy and for me it is an easy answer. 


Many of our root health challenges be it mental or physical resides in the biochemistry of our body. I found when working as a psychotherapist many of my clients had underlying health conditions that kept them stuck. I was fortunate during my practicum hours that I was able to bring in some nutritional supportive measures that was shown to greatly support the outcome of the clients projection.

Not only did I clinical observe an improvement is physical health; I found these clients were able to process the mental and emotional traumas that they had experienced in a more encompassing manner.


I personally have had a long history of health sensitivities. You may be familiar with the ones that no doctor can seem to pinpoint and you jump around from doctor to doctor hoping someone had the answer.

This eventually lead me into the learning the intricacies of how the body systems work, how nutrition is the basis of all body functions and how our psych-social, environmental and genetics plays into bio-individuality.


While nutritional support is the backbone of my practice, it is important to recognize optimal health is a multifaceted approach. Our everyday lifestyle choices are big players in this formula and an area we always work with our clients on. This includes a personalized diet, optimizing sleep, supporting a detoxification lifestyle, stress management and body movement.


Additionally, to support our health goals, we need to investigate our internal environment such as gut health, and toxicants exposures including, heavy metals, toxic mold, pesticide levels and more. When we recognize our body systems are all interconnected - then we can understand we must holistically support our body and mind as one.


Looking back, I am grateful for the health challenges I experienced, as they opened my lens to knowing the mind and the body are not separate and regaining balance is possible. My goal is to be a bridge for people, other practitioners and therapists who find their clients, or themselves needing a bit more support to help in their healing transition.

I look forward to partnering with you and supporting your health!


Brandy Zender

Education: Masters in Clinical Psychology, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition-Practitioner, Master Certified Nutrition Coach

Certificates in: Autoimmune Health, Natural Health, Diabetic Health, Digestive Health, Hormone Health, Holistic Cancer and Aromatherapy.

Extensive Training in: HTMA Professional, Master your Minerals, Mineral Mastery Course, Environmental Toxicants, Nutrigenomics, Neuro-Nutrient Therapy, Mastering Functional Hormones, Neuropsychology and Functional Immunology.

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