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I tell Brandy repeatedly that she has been my angel, sent to help transform my life and recapture the good health and joy that has been absent for so long.  The transformation in my health since I started working with Brandy has been nothing short of more

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Diana W. - SB, CA

Thank you for helping me kick start looking into my health....I feel like you offered me a safe space to get encouraged to make some changes. I feel like I am in a better place and optimistic and hopeful...

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Soleli B. - AZ

Recently I reached out to Brandy for some nutritional advice as I was struggling to recover from the flu. I followed everything she recommended and recovered quickly. She has a gift for analyzing complex scientific data and turning it into highly personalized nutritional programs.

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Janelle - SB, CA

Brandy‘s expertise has brought me a renewed sense of hope and clarity in what can often be an overwhelming and confusing process. When my 7yo daughter began experiencing stomach aches and headaches on a regular basis we couldn’t figure out why. She also began to suddenly more

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A.B - SB, CA

Thanks so much for all your time and information yesterday! Everything made a lot of sense and I am especially appreciative of the fact that you understand that some changes might be harder to make than others. I feel like some people I have worked with in the past have said things as more

Healthy Breakfast
Kelly - SB, CA

Brandy is a puzzle-solving master! She has an extraordinary ability to find solutions to very intricate, complex health challenges. I have been to many doctors, naturopaths and holistic healers, and none have  spent the time that Brandy has to actually find out what could be causing the issue at more

Green Goodness
Alanna O - SB, CA

Brandy really took the time to listen to my issues and help me identify issues that I didn’t realized where abnormal to be having. For the better part of the last two years I felt like I was drowning. You forget what it’s feels like to be normal. Brandy has helped give my life more

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Dr. Adina - SB, CA

Brandy's knowledge is incredibly vast and she has helped illuminate underlying factors that were holding me back from getting better.  I am so excited to have a trusted health professional that I can confidently refer my friends, family, and clients to without reservation. read more

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Ty - SB, CA

Brandy Zender has truly changed a life! My daughter was struggling with very low energy, very little drive, and often seemed depressed. As parents this put a strain on the whole family. Brandy recommended a change in diet along with added supplements. In just a short few months the changes more

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Alana G - Boise, ID

I have been working with Brandy over a year now and I am so grateful for her helpful guidance and the knowledge she shares with me.  My health was on a downward spiral and I had no idea what to do to get better.  Brandy is hands on with her skills and it is reassuring to have testing to confirm areas that needs to be more

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