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Brandy is a puzzle-solving master! She has an extraordinary ability to find solutions to very intricate, complex health challenges.


I tell Brandy repeatedly that she has been my angel, sent to help transform my life and recapture the good health and joy that has been absent for so long.  When I came to Brandy I was suffering from all kinds of symptoms that were significantly impacting my quality of life, including my productivity at work, as well as my relationships with my children and my husband.  I suffered for years and was extremely frustrated with the medical community who insisted my symptoms were related to anxiety and stress.  Brandy’s approach was incredibly thorough and began with a comprehensive look at my medical history, nutrition and lifestyle choices, all of which were playing a part in my poor health.  Brandy was able to look at a complex health condition and narrow it down, methodically eliminating certain conditions and patiently implementing changes to my diet, lifestyle and nutrition, until we dialed in a protocol that resulted in rapid improvements to my health.  Brandy’s knowledge of how the body functions, and how our diet and environment affects that function is impressive.  Brandy took the time to explain everything in detail and it was clear that she truly cared about helping me get better.  The transformation in my health since I started working with Brandy has been nothing short of miraculous and I would enthusiastically recommend her services to anyone who is suffering from undetermined health issues that traditional medicine has been unable to resolve.  

L.M. - SB, CA



Brandy‘s expertise has brought me a renewed sense of hope and clarity in what can often be an overwhelming and confusing process. When my 7yo daughter began experiencing stomach aches and headaches on a regular basis we couldn’t figure out why. She also began to suddenly put on weight and her mood was suffering. I was frustrated and stressed, already cooking for a large family which left me reluctant to try standard elimination diets. With Brandy’s help we were able to target the sensitivities that were causing problems and now it has been months since my daughter has complained of her former symptoms. Her silly personality is coming back and she has a glow about her that had long ago disappeared. What’s more is that the changes we made for my daughter have brought improved health and wellness for the entire family.  Thanks to Brandy we now have a manageable plan that is working for us all. 


I highly recommend working with Brandy.  She is compassionate, understanding and extremely knowledgeable.  Brandy also has first hand experience managing health issues with her own family giving her a layer of credibility and genuine empathy that can be hard to find in other providers. 

Janelle G. - SB, CA

Thanks so much for all your time and information yesterday! Everything made a lot of sense and I am especially appreciative of the fact that you understand that some changes might be harder to make than others. I feel like some people I have worked with in the past have said things as though they should just be easy and simple to do without realizing how stressful it might be or why it might be especially challenging for me.

A.B. - SB, CA




Brandy is a puzzle-solving master!   She has an extraordinary ability to find solutions to very intricate, complex health challenges. 

I have been to many doctors, naturopaths and holistic healers, and none have spent the time that Brandy has to actually find out what could be causing the issue at hand. Brandy spends the time to get to know you and all of the health concerns and symptoms,  as well as health history, in order to get all the pieces of the puzzle. Through some very easy at home tests and Brandy's  incredible knowledge and expertise, she miraculously is able to put the puzzle pieces together and come up with a plan to bring balance back to the body.

Her approach is amazing!   She is so incredibly knowledgeable about the body and about how important nutrition is to healing the body. She explains in great detail how "this" will affect "that", so we need to build "this" back up by eating these foods, or by adding in a supplement. She does not just treat a symptom, but rather gets down to the very root of the problem to see what could be causing it, in order to bring everything back to balance. With her incredible knowledge, background, skills and experience, she has helped me overcome many of my adrenal, hormonal and sleep issues. She has taught me how to optimize my health through simple changes, and nutrition.  She is incredibly patient and very thorough in her suggestions and explanations. If anyone is like me who searched for years for answers to my health issues, I highly recommend you talk with Brandy.  She is a master in her field!

Kelly C. - SB, CA

Nourish Functional Health has completely transformed my health.  Brandy really took the time to listen to my issues and help me identify issues that I didn’t realized where abnormal to be having. I suffer from Hypothyroidism and have been bouncing from doctor to doctor. The doctors only addressed the lack of thyroid and after supplementing with thyroid meds was told all my symptoms would just take time to go away. For the better part of the last two years I felt like I was drowning. You forget what it’s feels like to be normal. Brandy has helped give my life back. I attended a workout class that use to be unbelievably tough for me and with my added supplements I’ve been able to keep up. I can’t thank Brandy and Nourish Functional Health more for being the only ones to help me put my life back together and listen, truly listen.

Alanna O. - SB, CA

Brandy Zender has truly changed a life! My daughter was struggling with very low energy, very little drive, and often seemed depressed. As parents this put a strain on the whole family. Brandy recommended a change in diet along with added supplements. In just a short few months the changes in my daughter’s energy level and happiness, was truly amazing. As a parent this has been comforting knowing our daughter has a zest for life. Brandy has a way of explaining very complicated science to someone that knows very little in a way, both parents and kids can relate. If you are looking for a positive change, Brandy’s guidance is the answer.

Ty - SB, CA


I have been working with Brandy over a year now and I am so grateful for her helpful guidance and the knowledge she shares with me.  My health was on a downward spiral and I had no idea what to do to get better.  Brandy is hands on with her skills and it is reassuring to have testing to confirm areas that needs to be addressed.  Her website has opened my eyes to a healthy approach to feeling

better. I consider Brandy my personal trainer in overall body health. I could never have come this far without her knowledge and help.

Alana - Boise, ID


It has been so refreshing to work with a health professional who cares to look beyond the surface and doesn't try to fit everyone in the same box.  Prior to working with Brandy, I had worked with multiple ophthalmologists, my primary care physician, an acupuncturist, and a dermatologist, yet I was still struggling to find an answer to my ailment and I was not getting better.  Brandy's knowledge is incredibly vast and she has helped illuminate underlying factors that were holding me back from getting better.  I am so excited to have a trusted health professional that I can confidently refer my friends, family, and clients to without reservation. 

Dr Adina - SB, CA

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