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Functional Testing is at the root of our Practice. It is what allows us to dive deep and see how your body is biochemically functioning and unique to you.

We explore your pathogenic and toxicant load, food interactions and sensitivities. We can also explore nutritional genetics, HPA axis, hormonal pathways, mineral ratios and much more. Each testing suggestion is tailored to exactly what we need to explore for your body.

Functional testing looks beyond symptoms and investigates the root of the imbalance.

The purpose of these tests are not to treat and diagnose any conditions, rather they give a road map of how the body is functioning, so that we may optimize your lifestyle in order to bring balance back to the body. 
Santa Barabra Nutritionist

Your personal road map to health starts here.





Supportive measures

Testing is simple, easy to do and most are completed at your home. A few may require a blood draw. The goal of testing is to take the guessing out of the process. We take the results and compare them to your detailed intake forms and work together to educate you on what the tests reveal. From here we create an action step road-map to support your results and reach your goals.


This approach can be very empowering and allows you to begin to take back your health. We do offer a few al la cart testing packages. Check out the link below to learn more.

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