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Our Unique

In our practice, we take holistic approach to investigating and identifying the root imbalances of presenting health challenges.

We know imbalances can lead to symptoms such as digestive complaints, fatigue, hormonal dysregulation, weight issues and behavioral or mood challenges.

Our functional nutrition approach addresses the whole person, not just an isolated set of symptoms. It uses individualized lab testing to identify healing opportunities. Along with a complete history, psychosocial and environmental stressors; we partner with our client and develop a personalized roadmap to restoring their health.

We use a combination of research supported interventions including therapeutic diets, sleep hygiene, exercise recommendations, stress reduction strategies and supplementation protocols.

Santa Barbara Health Coach, Santa Barbara nutritionist

How to work with us: We have transitioned from working just locally to being able to provide our services throughout the US and Canada. We work through phone consultation. Reach out on our Bookings Page to learn more.

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