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If you have read our blogs or follow us on social media then you know we are passionate about the health of our environment and what our everyday exposures are.  Most people assume using common every day products are safe to use on themselves, around their homes and on their children.


However, sadly research from the Environmental Working Group and the Centers of Disease and Control and Prevention are beginning to show evidence that is quit the opposite. It is stated that there are approximately 84,000 chemicals registered for use in the United States. Many, if not most of these chemicals, have not been throughly tested for their impact on the human body.

Additionally, hidden mold exposure and their mycotoxins are another area that has been shown in recent years to be at the root of unexplained symptoms for weeks, months, even years. Visit any of the links below to see how we can support your health journey.

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The accumulation of environmental toxicants, in addition to compromised detoxification pathways leads to a build up of these chemicals and their metabolites in our body. Research has finally be linking the numerous ways these exposure are effecting our health. When working with clients, one of our goals is to support them in discovering where these hidden toxins are and begin to lower their every day exposure. We work to support the body's ability to detoxify, while bring in supportive nutrients and lifestyle supporting adjustments Visit our blog to read more on toxicants, mold and detoxification.


The impact of these toxicants can be far-reaching, but through lifestyle changes and nutritional adjustments the toxic load can be lowered, thus allowing the body to bring itself back into homeostasis. Reach out if you are ready to deep dive and feel your best - this is what we do!

Learn easy ways to screen your body and home for toxic mold by visiting this link. For Central Coast, CA for mold removal and air quality, we recommend reaching out to: Pure Maintenance.

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