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Gut Health

Health starts in the gut. It is becoming common knowledge that many conditions are rooted in the disruption of gut microbiota. The gut is known as our second brain and plays a major role in mood, weight, energy, immunity and skin health.


When we are looking at evaluating the environment of the gut, we have to ask ourselves what is going on that is causing the symptoms you are experiencing.


There can be a lot of possibilities, environmental exposures, foods that we are eating, medications, chronic inflammation or viruses, bacteria and parasites.


Pathogens such as parasites, viruses and bacteria are opportunistic and if we have an inflamed gut, maybe leaky gut, then they will most likely take up residence - rather if we have a strong barrier with low inflammation then most likely our immune system can do its job and kill those pathogens before they take hold. 

These pesky little invaders can cause havoc to your overall health and it only makes sense that we dig in and do some detective work and investigate what may be going on deep within.

Reach out and learn all the ways we can support your health journey.

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