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We have complied a list of general questions with their answers. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us on our contact form.

Question: What health concerns do you work with?

Answer: Our approach addresses many health concerns. We consider ourselves to be health detectives. We dive in deep and look for imbalances that conventional approaches can miss. We utilized detailed questionnaires, conversations, correlation and functional testing to help unveil the hidden imbalances in your system.

Question: Where are you located?

Answer: Santa Barbara, Ca. Before the pandemic we met with all clients in person.  Since then, we have moved to a phone consultation format and have found many of our clients prefer this method. This has also allowed us to work with others outside of Santa Barbara.

Question: What are your credentials?

Answer: Please visit the About Me page to learn more.

Question: What is functional testing and how does it work?

Answer: Lab testing is foundational to functional health, and for good reason. It can uncover hidden stressors in your body, track the progress of your protocol, and motivate you to stick with your protocol. Testing is simple, easy to do and most are completed at your home. A few may require a blood draw. The goal of testing is take the guessing out of the process. We take the results and compare them to your detailed intake forms and work together to educate you on what the test reveals. This approach can be very empowering and allows you to begin to take back your health. * For blood draws locally, we have a nurse that will come to you, at your convenience for a small fee.

Question: What costs are involved?

Answer: Our fees are listed on our Bookings page. To learn more, simply click the service of interest and click Book Now and that will take your to a detailed list of that service and cost. Lab fees, in most cases will be paid directly to the lab itself and is an additional fee to our services. 

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Question: Do you take insurance?

Answer: We do not accept insurance. 

Question: How can I find out if you can help, before I schedule an appointment?

Answer: We offer a Complimentary Discovery Email in order to see if we can help you with your health condition and if how we work is the right fit for you. If we do not feel we can support your health, we try our best to offer referrals. Learn more on our Bookings page.

Question: I am ready to start, how do I begin?

Answer: You can either start with the Discovery Email, but if you want to go ahead and dive in, we do require an Initial Consultation. This is a detailed appointment that helps us get to know you, your body and your goals. From there you have options of purchasing packages or continue on a single appointment basis. Please visit our Bookings page to learn more.

Additionally, if you are looking for a la cart functional testing packages, we do have several to choose from. Learn more.

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