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Improve Gut Health


Did your quiz reveal your gut could be at the root of your health challenges? Well, if so, please do not be discouraged. We have worked with many clients, who after testing and making lifestyle adjustments have greatly improved their gut health, thus their overall health.

More than 2,000 years ago Hippocrates famously stated that ‘All Disease Begins in the Gut’. Thousands of years later, research continues to confirm that Hippocrates was definitely onto something. While all disease doesn’t literally start in the gut, many metabolic, autoimmune, and cognitive diseases do in fact start with gastrointestinal disturbances or imbalances. These findings highlight the fact that you cannot achieve optimal health without a healthy gut. The gut, otherwise known as the large intestine hosts trillions of bacteria, fungi and other organisms. It also houses 2/3 of your immune system, the majority of neurotransmitter production, influences your metabolism, contributes to energy homeostasis, and so much more.

People incorrectly assume that an absence of GI symptoms equates to a healthy gut but that is far from true. While digestive symptoms such as bloating, gas, constipation, diarrhea, abdominal pain, etc. are very common, it’s also almost just as common for symptoms to present neurologically.


Gut disturbances often result in symptoms such as brain fog, poor concentration, poor memory, depression and anxiety. This is because the gut and the brain are in constant communication via the gut-brain axis. That means poor gut function can lead to poor brain function. Other areas that are closely effected by the gut include the skin, immune system (and risk of autoimmune disease), blood sugar regulation, detoxification and metabolism/mitochondria.

The beautiful thing about gut health is that it’s very responsive to nutrition and lifestyle interventions. If you’re eating a diet high in processed foods and experiencing high levels of stress that can also work against you. But when you treat the gut through dietary changes, stress reduction, supplements, herbs, and the proper nutrients, these symptoms that often seem unrelated begin to improve. These systems are all interrelated and it often requires a holistic approach to restore balance. The goal of functional nutrition is always to identify the root cause of disease which often involves assessing gut health and then determining the best action plan.

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Some Biomedical Functional Tests that are beneficial for Gut Health are:

Food Sensitivity - Food sensitivity is common and often manifests as GI issues, fatigue, lack of concentration/brain fog, migraine & headache, dark circles under the eyes, skin issues, and many other symptoms.

Gut Health Panel - Allows us to test gastrointestinal pathogens like bacteria, parasites, yeast and an imbalance of gut bacteria.


Organic Acid Test (OAT) - The Organic Acids Test (OAT) is considered a “metabolic snapshot” of what is going on in the body. It provides information on important neurotransmitters, nutritional markers, glutathione status, oxalate metabolism, evaluation of intestinal yeast and bacteria, and much more. The test includes 74 urinary metabolite markers that can be very useful for discovering underlying causes of chronic illness.

Are you ready to deep dive and really shift? We have many ways you can work with us. We offer one on one sessions or deep discounted packages. 

"All Disease Begins in the Gut'

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