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Kids & Aromatherapy


Essentail Oils & Accessories
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Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils from the flowers, roots, leaves, seeds, bark or peel of certain plants.


There are various theories as to how exactly aromatherapy works, but some believe that by activating specific smell receptors in the nose, aromatherapy causes the brain to send messages to areas of the nervous system that affect mood and other symptoms


Used thoughtfully and carefully, aromatherapy can help children, as well as adults, feel calmer and sleep better. It is also shown to reduce nausea, discomfort and pain.

Caution: Not all essential oils are safe to use on children, thus is why we love using KidSafe Essential oil Blends, by Plant Therapy. They take the guess work out of dilution. They also have formulated many therapeutic blends for kids. Check them out here.  Be sure to purchase your oils and receive free shipping through this link.

Free shipping is only through this link.

DYI Craft Ideas for the whole family

Looking for more DYI Essential Oil Ideas? Click here to download family friendly ideas.

Scented Crayons

Your kids can round up any of the broken, used up crayons and give them a new life. Or they can get creative and make their own color combinations! 


All you have to do is melt them down and add a few drops of essential oils. The final product will leave behind a subtle, calming scent as your kiddos color. Instructions

Sunshine Summer Slim

This Sunshine Summer Slime recipe makes the bestest, stretchiest slime ever and it smells great, too. It features Plant Therapy's newest blends, Hello Sunshine! Hello Sunshine boasts the energizing essential oils of Pink Grapefruit, Lemon, and Sweet Orange which are perfectly paired with Black Pepper, Balsam Fir, Juniper Berry, Cedarwood, and Sandalwood. Grab instructions here.

DIY Tween Deodorant

As our little ones grow they enter the age where they need to consider deodorant. It's easy to grab the standard grocery store brand - but are the ingredients in them ones we want to introduce to our children. Not me! I have found a wonderful and effective recipe that you can make with your tween. The time you spend together making it can be a bonding time and one where you can talk about their ever growing changes. FYI - this recipe suggests tea tree essential oil. For your tween - you can use other essential oils or essential oil blend and I think it fun to let them choose and Plant Therapy has many wonderful blend. Grab instructions here.

Looking for more DYI Essential Oil Ideas? Click here to download family friendly ideas.

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