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Reboot Package: Toxic Burden

This package is perfect for anyone wanting to deep dive and explore their toxicant body burden. We are sadly bombarded by toxicants in our everyday life and knowing your toxic burden can greatly help one optimize their approach to cleaning up their environment and detoxing the body. This package can help pin-point the areas that you are being exposed.

Functional Test Utilized: HTMA, Glyphosate & GPL-TOX. This is an A la Cart Package.


It’s inevitable that we’re exposed to toxins in our everyday environment, since they exist in food, water, air, personal care products, our homes, our cars, our offices and more. In the last 70 years, more than 80,000 chemicals have been introduced into our environment, greatly increasing our level of exposure.

We all have a built-in capability to detoxify and excrete a certain level of toxins. This is variable depending on our genetic makeup, and our lifestyle such as our nutrient input (many, many nutrients are needed for detox), our hydration, stress, sleep, and exercise. Our detox systems can easily become overwhelmed contributing to metabolic disturbances and chronic disease, which can result in many idiopathic symptoms.


Many of these toxicants are at the roots of chronic disease. We have put together an intensive package reviewing your toxic burden load, along with reviewing your tissue minerals patterns. This package allows us to support your body in the following ways:

  1. Identify and remove sources of exposure.

  2. Lower overall toxicant burden with Ditch & Switch action steps.

  3. Support excretion pathways (liver/gallbladder, skin, kidneys, ect.)

  4. Support and replenish vital minerals.

We utilize (4) cutting edge tests that can reveal your toxic burden. Developed by a research-based clinical laboratory, these tests have specifically been developed to help those with chronic conditions such as autism, ADHD, autoimmune diseases, fibromyalgia, trouble loosing weight, chronic migraines, gastrointestinal issues, skin rashes and neuropsychiatric disorders. With the three tests combined you get a picture of you toxic-load. This package is good for ages 3 and up and requires (1) urine sample and a hair sample.

  • Environmental Toxicants (urine) - ​a toxic non-metal chemical profile that screens for the presence of 173 different toxic chemicals including herbicides - including glyphosate, phthalates, BPA, VOC's,  acrylamide and more. (see all markers

  • Mycotox Profile (urine) - tests for the presence of 29 of the most common mycotoxins produced by mold (see all markers)

  • Metals (urine) - tests for 20 different heavy metals and elements to provide the most comprehensive view of heavy metal toxicity. Urine metal excretion shows metals that are not being absorbed. (see all markers)

  • HTMA (hair) - Hair, Tissue, Mineral Analysis not only provides us with your tissue level of heavy metal toxicity but also  a blueprint of your unique mineral patterns. Balancing your minerals is a crucial component to environmental toxicant detoxification. Hair metals show accumulation of toxic metals over a 3-4 month period. (see sample report)

The combination of this package allows us insight to your total toxic burden and by layering in our HTMA (hair, tissue, mineral analysis) we then have a blueprint of your body's mineral pattern. In order to detox safely and properly, we must correct any mineral imbalances. 


Package Includes:

  • At-home test kit (urine and hair sample)

  • Self Assessment Quiz

  • Full test results from all four test

  • Personalized email review from our nutritionist with insights and recommendations

  • Targeted supportive supplements at a discount

  • A Toxic Load - Ditch & Switch Educational Guide

  • 30 Min Results & Recommendations review with our Nutritionist.

Place Order

Place order. Email instructions sent with details on how to take the test. Take questionnaire and submit to practitioner.

Take  &Mail Test

Take test and mail test directly to lab for processing.

Results Received

Practitioner receives results and prepares results document & recommendations. 


Results and recommendations  include: education, insight to your body's toxic burden and

a road map to health.

  • How the program work?
    Simply place your order. The test kit is mailed directly to the address you provide (name of testing client needs to be on the order form). Take the test and mail back to the lab for processing. (processing times may take up to 3 weeks). We receive your results and questionnaire. We then do a deep analysis and correlate with the lab results to look at the total picture of what’s going on with your body, so you can connect the dots to why you’ve been feeling the way you have. We connect via a phone consultation. We share your results, offer education where necessary and provide recommendations and a road map to support your health goals. PLEASE NOTE: Not all packages include a detailed analysis and phone consultation. Please check the description to see if this is included.
  • How do I place my order?
    Simply follow the prompt to place your order. Orders are placed on a private and secure server. All information provided is private and remains private. We accept credit cards at the time you place your order. Note: we can not ship to NY.
  • I live Internationally. Can I still utilize this package?
    At this time, we are only working with those located within the United States.
  • Do you offer a refund?
    Once order is place, we can not offer a refund at any time, as we immediately connect with the lab and have your test sent to your home. If you have any questions about this package, please email with your questions prior to placing your order.
  • Disclaimer
    This package is an on-line program only. It does not include private coaching sessions outside of your Results & Recommendation call. When purchasing an A La Cart package, such as this - you are not considered an active client with us. This test and the information provided is for educational purposes only. All forms and results are provided on a private server and you will be required to activate your account in order to receive your results and fill out corresponding worksheets. The contents of this package is based on the knowledge, opinions, and experience of Nourish Functional Health and its founder, unless otherwise noted. The information in this handout does not replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional and should not be considered medical advice. Nourish Functional Health encourages you to make your own health care decisions based on your research and in partnership with a qualified health care professional. And most importantly, make sure to listen to your body. We do not make guarantee on particular outcomes of the program and encourage you to be in contact with your primary physician with regards to any current medical conditions and your prescribed medications.
  • Do you accept insurance?
    I am sorry, we do not accept insurance.
  • I need more support.
    We work intensively with our one-on-one clients and find that is the best way to get the support needed to move through health challenges. We offer these A La Cart packages for those who are looking for quick insight to one specific area. One on one clients are seen from a holistic prescriptive where we explore several functional tests, an intensive initial intake and develop a road map to address all imbalances. If interested in working on a one-on-one basis, please explore our 3-month Health Insight package, here.
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